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Emergency Lighting Services

Emergency lighting systems is an essential service that is quite often forgotten, until an accident or catastrophe happens in the event the power fails in your building, your emergency and exit lights must remain lit for at least 90 minutes, to allow people safe passage out of the building. It is imperative to maintain all emergency and exit lighting in commercial buildings, to comply with relevant building codes. These lights and signs are usually used in buildings in highly developed countries, but in smaller states, they are present in big public places like hotels and malls.

During any kind of fire emergency, these lights and signs are very vital in guiding people to safety, by showing them where to go, and how to exit the building, without using the elevators.

These systems are even more important in small & large buildings, which have many people, like schools, universities, hospitals, commercial / residential buildings, because there is a big risk of panic and confusion during any fire alarm situations.

We take your safety seriously and urge customers to have our certified technicians professionally install and also perform regular inspection of both their emergency lighting and exit lighting. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your emergency and exit lighting system works properly when you need it most.

Types of Emergency and Exit Lighting Systems:

  • Self-Contained Emergency and Exit Lighting.
  • Central Battery Emergency and Exit Lighting.
  • Central Monitoring Emergency and Exit Lighting.

Standard modes of operation


The lamp is energized during normal conditions from main supply. In the event of mains power failure, the same lamp remains on by automatically switching to the integral battery supply.


The lamp is off during normal mains supply and is automatically energised by the integral battery supply in the event of mains power failure.



The fitting incorporates both a mains lamp normally on, and a separate battery powered emergency lamp normally off. In the event of mains failure, the emergency lamp is automatically energized.

Types of Emergency Signs

Slim Type Emergency Exit Sign

Box Type Emergency Exit Sign

Weatherproof Emergency Exit Sign

Emergency Light

  • Hanging Mount Exit Light: Part of the emergency lighting systems we offer. Made with anti-corrosion and lightweight materials, with many rich features and certified batteries, and energy saving LED lighting.
  • Monitoring Touch Panel: Used to monitor the operation of the overall system and fittings. Can be controlled from anywhere you like, including using a web browser.
  • Recessed Mount Addressable Light: Powerful and durable lighting solution during emergencies. Provides 3-hour rated duration and latest 5-pole technology, along with two LED lights for status display.
  • Recessed Mount Exit Light: Shows the EXIT legend, which can be altered to left and right direction. Powered by certified batteries and 10 LEDs for power saving and providing high visibility.
  • Semi Recessed Down Light: Powerful and bright day lighting source with 120-degree beam and a long life of 50,000 hours. Consumes low energy and provides 3 hours in emergency mode.
  • Surface Mount Addressable: Emergency light supply unit with 5-pole technology and 3 hour rated duration. Contained in strong steel construction and high lamp life.
  • Surface Mount Addressable Exit: Emergency exit sign with durable construction and providing high lamp life for good visibility. Comes with two-color status display LED.
  • Surface Mount Down Light: Providing strong day light source with impressive life of over 50,000 hours. Gives 120-degree beam and energy is rated as 3 hours in emergency at 4W.
  • Twin Head Emergency Light: Comes with built in LED module for two light sources. Delivers high efficiency per watt and designed to perform in temperatures as high as 65°C.
  • Slim Type Emergency Exit Sign: Perfect for use in a variety of locations and hallways in buildings, and requires very little maintenance. Installation is very simple and white LED source provides high visibility.

Features & Applications of Emergency Signs

  • LED emergency exit signs with option for Exit Arrow or Running Man signage with directions.
  • LED lamps provide high efficiency and durability.
  • Easy installation with wall, ceiling or pendant mounting options.
  • LED lamps provide high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption.
  • Outdoor type (IP65) protected model available, which is more ideal and reliable for outdoor areas.
  • Optional recess plate and bracket available.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Available in Up, Down, Left and Right arrows.
  • Fully Automatic.

Process of Getting Lighting Signs


Call us and tell us about the kind of firefighting services and maintenance you need.


We will discuss the products and services that best suit your needs in a meeting.


We sign the contract for the services you ask for after you approve of the price quote we provide you with.


Prices for our products and services start from 70.00AED


Emergency lighting systems in Abu Dhabi need to comply with the quality and testing requirements provided by the civil defence authority, since there can be a lot of damage if they fail in emergency situations.

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Users should only rely on a reputed manufacturer of emergency lighting systems in Abu Dhabi because there should be no compromise on the safety of people.


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